Starting a business in Zambia can be difficult. That is if you are a very rigid person who would not think outside the box. You can start barbershops, start about ten of them. An average cashing of K100 per Barbershop will give you a K1000. Multiplying that will give you K30000 gross per month. A certain man in Kapiri Mposhi owns ‘ZamCabs’, modified wheelbarrows which give him a good K300 per day legitimately.  Think outside the box and try to be as simple as possible. Coming up with a new idea gives you the best chances of becoming a multimillionaire in the future, but success is obviously not guaranteed. A winning idea is, of course, a very important ingredient, but you should also know other things you’ll need to do to improve your chances of success. Above all, be prepared to put in years of hard work and overcome multiple obstacles before you achieve your dreams.